Egypt can offer countless reasons to visit at least once in your life. One of them is the fascinating Red Sea holiday destinations.

The resort of Sharm el Sheikh in northeastern Egypt located on the Sinai Peninsula is considered one of the most popular destinations in the region due to its wonderful beaches and excellent diving and snorkeling opportunities on colorful and species-rich coral reefs of the Red Sea. Spend relaxing hours at the sea or by the pool or enjoy the hotel’s extensive entertainment program.

The benefits of holiday packages in Sharm el Sheikh

Sharm el Sheikh offers the perfect conditions for a successful holiday package due to its accessibility. After a short flight of about 3 and a half hours from Romania, you can already enjoy the sun. In the spring and autumn season, with daytime temperatures of around 25 ° C, the destination meets the ideal conditions for a beach holiday. Even in the winter months it hardly gets colder than 20 ° C, so you can have breakfast outside in a T-shirt even at this time of year. Away from the beach, on the beautifully landscaped promenade, bordered by palm trees in the Gulf of Naama, in the heart of Sharm el Sheikh, you will find a diverse range of shops and numerous international restaurants and cafes.

The fabulous underwater world of Sharm el Sheikh Diving and snorkelling trips as well as diving courses are offered everywhere at each resort.

Guests can explore the unique coral landscape of the Red Sea on boat trips or directly from the beach. In the shallow waters around coral reefs, for example, in the marine reserve called Ras Mohammed, there is a lot to discover for both beginners and advanced. Countless colorful reef fish, small and large, slide through the formations of colorful corals, impressive and with little luck can be discovered even turtles.