Greece is much more than I saw in the photos with beautiful sunsets and golden sandy beach.

In Greece, you are at a crossroads of colors and cultures; feel the power of History and the warmth of the southern extremity of Europe
You are in a country with a unique rich historical past, whose people, however, are not stuck in this past. A country that, although statistically small, is huge in its diversity. You see landscapes that have given thousands of images with postcards, but they remain incredibly vivid and of unparalleled beauty.
The islands are the main feature of the morphology of Greece and an integral part of the culture and traditions.
The Greek sovereign country includes 6,000 islands and islets scattered in the Aegean and Ionian Seas, of which only 227 islands are inhabited. This is a truly unique phenomenon for the European continent.
The Greek archipelago offers an extremely diverse landscape: beaches stretching for several kilometers, bays, sandy beach with sand dunes, rocky beach, coastal caves with steep rocks and dark sand typical of volcanic soil and wetlands of the coast.
Many Greek beaches have been designated with the blue flag in the Blue Flags of Europe Program, offering not only ideal conditions for swimming, but also scuba diving, snorkeling, water skiing, sailing and windsurfing.


You can easily reach Tinos Island by ferry from Mykonos port. The route lasts 30 minutes.

Tinos, the third largest island of the Cyclades, following Andros and Naxos, invites us to get better acquainted with its 52 villages: the mountainous villages, those on the plains, the inland and coastal villages of the island. Walking through the cobble-stoned alleys and streets, beneath the cool arches − the pride of Cycladic architecture − you feel the urge to stand and knock on one of these wooden blue doors.

On Tinos, there is a plethora of beautiful beaches suitable for all tastes: sandy beaches, with pebbles, rocks, seaweed or without, either organised: (Kionia, Kolimbithra, Agios Fokas, Kalivia, Agios Romanos), or for the more free spirited (Lichnaftia, Santa Margarita, Agios Petros, Pachia Ammos, Livada, Apigania), accessible either on foot, by car or by boat only.

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