Visit the event of the year – Expo Dubai 2020

October 19, 2021

Expo Dubai 2020 is the event of the year which brings together under the same umbrella of innovation the most important projects around the globe. For six months, between October 1, 2021, and March 31, 2022, you have the opportunity to visit an exhibition like never before. We encourage you to take advantage of this chance and be part of this event which presents the most ingenious projects around the world.


The understanding of the World’s fair – Expo Dubai 2020

“Connecting minds, creating the future”. Bearing this motto in mind, Expo Dubai 2020 brings together over 190 countries around the world to present their most ambitious projects and solutions of the most critical problems of humanity. It is an excellent opportunity for collaborations between states, and for exchanging ideas and solutions.

The concept of a world fair came up in 1851, and the first event of its kind took place in London. This year’s event, postponed by a year, due to the pandemic, is the expression of solidarity with the planet. The main topics of the event are Opportunity, Sustainability and Mobility. Each country is allocated to one of these categories depending on the main topic proposed.



The most interesting projects at Expo Dubai 2020

For the first time, each participating country has its own dedicated pavilion to present its own project. Moreover, there are pavilions dedicated to certain companies or the so-called “special pavilions” such as ‘The women’s pavilion’, ‘The mission impossible pavilion’ or ‘Terra – the sustainability pavilion’.


Each participating project is the expression of creativity and ingenuity. For example, the Chinese pavilion – one of the largest at this event – is designed to resemble a traditional lantern which turns into a dazzling digital light show at night. The Dutch pavilion instead, is a cone shaped vertical farm growing mushrooms that could be used from nutrition to construction. Inspired by the scientist, Stephen Hawking, the British pavilion is like a giant wood, sculptural cone that uses artificial intelligence to transform the input of the visitors into collective poems. The latter can be read on the illuminating displays of the 20 meters high façade.

Romania is also present at this event with a project dedicated to nature. The focus is on the Romanian mineral water sources, and tourists can try them in a “Water bar”. Tourists can also benefit of a virtual tour of Romania’s protected areas.


Other activities included in the calendar of Expo Dubai 2020

Visitor could have a good time trying several activities related to architecture, culture, gastronomy, entertainment, technology, or art. On average, 60 different events take place every day! Theater performances, live concerts, shows designed for children or even entrepreneurship events are included in the official calendar. Over 200 restaurants inspired by international cuisine are at your disposal to serve food from all corners of the world. If your time is limited, you can join a guided tour meant to show you the highlights of the event.


How to organize your trip to Expo Dubai 2020

You can buy the tickets online, from the official website as well as some authorized resellers. Whether you want to buy a one-day ticket or a multi-day pass, remember that entrance is free for the students, seniors (60+), and people under the age of 18. You can also download an online app to guide you through the event.

You could benefit from the special Flydubai offer, which adds to each ticket purchased on the Bucharest – Dubai route free access within the Expo Dubai 2020. Request our offer here.


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