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If you reserve/purchase travel services or travel service packages for other persons, by means of the website, we consider that you have the consent of these persons to act in their name, for the purpose of reserving/purchasing the travel services and/or the travel service products on the website. You remain the only person obliged and responsible to bring to the knowledge of those persons all information in these Terms and Conditions, as well as with respect to the travel services and/or travel service products reserved/purchased, respectively to obtain the consent of those persons regarding the acceptance and undertaking to observe these Terms and Conditions.


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ALISTERS-TRAVEL provides you with a system which gives you the opportunity to search and verify availabilities for different travel services and allows you to request the booking of a reservation.

ALISTERS-TRAVEL acts as agent for third party suppliers, such as: hotels, boarding houses, others, hereinafter called – Suppliers.

ALISTERS-TRAVEL undertakes no liability for the travel products and services provided by the Suppliers and does not guarantee in any way the accuracy or the quality of the products and services presented on the website.

ALISTERS-TRAVEL provides, by means of the website, information with general title, with consultative purpose.

The information published on the website may be changed at any time. You must verify with the Supplier, the destination tourism office, that the information appearing on the website is current.

ALISTERS-TRAVEL may publish on the website information regarding the travel documents, but provides no guarantee that the information on the website is updated. Under these conditions, you are solely responsible to ensure that you travel according to the measures applicable to these travel documents.

ALISTERS-TRAVEL does not guarantee that the information on the website (including, but without being limited to the rates, descriptions or dates) may not have errors or shortcomings, but we will make all efforts to correct the (correctable) errors, as soon as we become aware of them.

The information and photographs in the presentation of the accommodation units have an informative nature and are supplied by our partners or taken from their presentation websites.

The content and photographs presented on the website present and illustrate the style of the accommodation units, the general characteristics of the rooms, the images being estimative and representing only the effort to improve the quality of the information regarding the conditions within the accommodation units.

The room received following the reservation may not, in all cases, correspond to the photograph on the website.

All accommodation units are classified by the authorized bodies of the destination countries, according to the internal and normative local procedures, where present, which differ from one country to another and from one type of destination to another.

We are constantly making efforts to preserve the accuracy and actuality of the information, but we do not guarantee that the information is complete, updated and error-free. It is recommended that you visit the official websites of the hotels or that you ask us for updated information.

The specific travel conditions for Romanian citizens, for every destination of interest, can often change, such as we recommend that you verify these conditions, before traveling, on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Condiţii de călătorie | Ministry of Foreign Affairs (


Any offer request made on the website will be considered as your intention to purchase a particular travel service from the Supplier. If your request will be accepted, then you will receive a confirmation e-mail from ALISTERS-TRAVEL and these terms & Conditions will enter into effect. All travel services published on the website depend on the availability of the Suppliers. The Supplier’s terms and conditions will apply in addition to the Terms and Conditions of this website.

The payment of the services, following the answer to your e-mail request, will be done after issuing the invoice, into the ALISTERS-TRAVEL account and not on the website.

The Suppliers’ terms may include provisions regarding the different payment procedures, obligations, cancelations, changes of reservations and refunds (if any) or restrictions of another nature. In addition, some accommodation units may collect different local taxes. The traveler must pay at the hotel unit reception the resort fee, the cleaning fee, as well as other local taxes, without being able to claim compensation or refund of the amounts from ALISTERS-TRAVEL.

On the website, you can notice references to different conditions applicable to the special offers. Please carefully read these terms and contact us for full details.

You are directly responsible for observing the conditions imposed by the Supplier of the travel services regarding the check-in and check-out times.


In case you wish the cancelation or change of the service reserved or purchased (and the Supplier allows it), it is your responsibility to inform ALISTERS-TRAVEL via e-mail regarding your intentions. In certain cases, it is possible that you may not cancel/change certain travel services or you will have to observe certain requirements for these actions.

In case of changing a reservation (including, but without being limited to cancelations, refunds, name changes), ALISTERS-TRAVEL reserves the right to apply certain fees in order to cover the administrative costs which may derive from this action. These fees are different from the fees charged by the Supplier.

At the same time, you must consider that the flight schedule for the airplane tickets purchased may suffer changes. The agency cannot be liable for the changes operated by the airline or for the last moment decisions made by the airline regarding the performance of the flight under safety conditions. We will make efforts to inform you as soon as possible about the changes occurred, but it recommended that you visit the official websites of the airlines or of the airports, for updated information.

It can also happen that a charter flight is canceled. However, the agency is responsible to provide the customer with flight alternatives, if the respective charter flight no longer occurs.


You can find all information regarding the categories of personal data collected, the manner of collection, the purpose of the collection and the rights of the individual in the Privacy policy.

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